Double Check is an organization that leaves a mark in the real estate and construction world with its projects, purchasing processes, experienced team and principles it adheres to at all times. Ersin İlhan, the strong name behind the services we provide and our unique projects, has been creating the media planning, purchasing and sales strategies of many prestigious projects such as Diva İnşaat, Mevaport İnşaat, Özkon İnşaat, Fimar, Biva Mimarlık, Erkaya İnşaat, Sirius Loft İnşaat since 2009. İlhanart Media He served as President of. For Double Check, each project represents a lifestyle beyond just buildings. Therefore, it takes every step carefully and adds meaning and value to all business processes.

Ersin İlhan’s financial knowledge and rich experience ensure that our projects are shaped to meet not only the needs of today but also the needs of tomorrow. Double Check, based on the principle of trust with the marketing and advertising success of Ülker Er İlhan, one of the founding partners, also contributes as Broker Owner, keeps your dreams safe by providing double control. We aim to be the best in every respect so that you can make sustainable investments and offer the best returns to our valued customers. As Double Check, the trust we provide you is the greatest capital for us. Building on this capital, we invite you to our Double Check family and look forward to being with you in finding the home of your dreams and making the most of your investments. Contact us for the most valuable choice you will make for yourself and your family. Your dreams are safe with Double Check!